Pete’s Plans House Cleaning

bucket-303265_1280At Pete’s Plans, we are dedicated to providing the best housekeeping services for the right price. Today we are living in a fast-paced world where time and allocation of your resources and energy is critical. Do you feel like no matter how much time you spend cleaning or picking up, it leaves you exhausted because there is always something else to dust, pick up, or scrub? Do you wish you could spend that time playing with your pets or kids, cooking a delicious meal, or simply vedging out? Fortunately, you’re not alone! For an affordable, fair price, we will work hard at providing you with a clean space as often as you need. Let us take on the cleaning for you!

We proudly employ a team of hard-working professionals who take home cleaning seriously. Each member of our team works thoroughly and efficiently, ensuring that your home is well taken care of. Especially after a long day of work, picking up around the house can be tiring and feel like a waste of your precious time, which is why it is our goal to help relieve homeowners of menial tasks and cleaning around the home. This way you can focus on the more important things in life, such as spending more time with friends and family, relaxing, and doing the things you love.

Each team member at Pete’s Plans is trained to be in and out of your home in a fast and efficient manner, ensuring fair pricing and the ability for you to relax in a clean home environment as soon as possible. Some of the areas we service, include Ottawa, Dayton, Hitt, Stoneyville, Naplate, Marseilles, and more. If you are ready to have more time in your day and reduce the stress of cleaning, we are your Housekeeping team!